Saturday, July 27, 2013

Summer Fun

What screams summer more than flowers and bright colours? Perhaps sales? That's right, I was shopping some more, and bought a new blazer and sunglasses. It was one of those times where you walk out of the store, and you know you're going to regret it if you come back in a day or two and whatever you wanted was sold out. 

This blazer is gorgeous. I first saw it about a month back in Urban Outfitters, but I couldn't actually find it anywhere in the store besides on the mannequin. Well, I went in with a friend, and found this in the sale section. While I liked the print, I had a bit of a debate. The one thing that always stops me from buying floral prints is that I tend to find they always look a bit Asian inspired, especially when it's printed on satin. And since I'm half, I tend to avoid anything that looks too Asian inspired. Not this one though! Well, perhaps a little, but not enough to deter me. This definitely has a permanent place in my closet.

I bought this coral romper (also from Urban Outfitters) quite a few years ago. It hasn't gotten much use as Calgary weather really just isn't romper weather. I used an old black belt to break it up, or else I'd really just be a solid block of colour. Not a pleasant look.

Urban Outfitters Blazer and Romper
Nine West Clutch (Similar here)
Coach Sunglasses (Similar here)
ASOS Bracelets
Fergalicious Heels


  1. Love that outfit :) The blazer is pretty awesome as well


  2. Thank you!! I don't think I can live up to this outfit!

  3. This outfit is really pretty! And that blazer is gorgeous.

    1. Thank you! I wish I had more pieces like these


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