Monday, April 18, 2016


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Photos by Kat Son
 Want to know how to get a boy slapped  by his girlfriend in Korea? Or have little, old ajusshi's talk amongst themselves in hushed voices? Show some shoulder. PS. Both of these stories are true, thanks to this top. It's the last weeks for cherry blossom viewing though, so obviously looking cute for photos with pretty flowers is worth the gossip that comes with shoulders.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016


Photos by Subomi Bankole
 Spring is finally here! Actually, it was here about two weeks ago, when the first blossoms were coming out. Right now, everything is actually in bloom, or green. It's awesome! So much better than the greys and browns of winter (Gongju is looking beautiful again!).

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Winged for Seoul Fashion Week

Photos by Kat Son and Byeonggi Jo 

It's now a life goal to work and live in a city with some sort of fashion week. Once again, I attended Seoul Fashion Week (well, more like Seoul Fashion Day given that I could only attend on Saturday). I saw the R. Shemiste show (super grungy, but still appealing to my need for feminine clothing) in the morning, then spent the rest of the day being mobbed by photographers. Last year I wore some very basic outfits and while I was photographed, it didn't happen too often. This year I opted for a beautiful backless shirt that I'll never be able to wear in Korea again. The statement piece got a lot of attention – a group of girls just wanted a picture of me (from the front), and when I turned around (because let's be honest the front of this outfit is boring, and trying to pin it into a crop top was a failed attempt) there were a lot of squeals of surprise and praise. To show this much upper body skin is still uncommon for Korea (even in Seoul!), so anything with thin shoulder straps (let alone my beloved off the shoulder pieces) is a no go. Not that that will stop me, but it is something I consider when go out on the weekends, whether it's to metropolitan and slightly more liberal Seoul, or my more conservative countryside town. I've literally had ajummas come up to me on the street to adjust a wayward shoulder strap so that it once again covers my bra strap. So kind, but so annoying. But back to fashion week... 
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