Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Innisfree Green Tea Seed Deep Cream Review

I've done a mini review of this before, but I wanted to give you guys something a bit more in depth, as I couldn't find too many reviews of this particular cream online when I went to buy it myself.

The Green Tea Seed Deep cream is one of many creams in the Innisfree Green Tea lineup. I bought it right after I finished a round of Accutane, and I must say, this definitely helped to heal my skin not only from the drug use, but also during the dry winter we had. While I was searching for my next cream to try, there were two things that convinced me to buy this particular one, which is much heavier than the gels I normally use – a run through cosdna did not bring up any comedogenic ingredients in the first half of the ingredient list (it was only cetearyl alcohol, which is not an issue for me, but others find it can cause breakouts), and this had a rep for being a heavy duty moisturizer.

The texture is that of a light balm, which easily softens with the heat of your fingers. My preferred method to apply it is to rub a bit between my fingers, and then pat/rub it into my face. Even without warming it up, the cream spread easily on my face though. It smells quite floral, but after a day or two of using it, I barely noticed the heavier scent.

This cream is amazing at moisturizing, and I would definitely recommend it for any dry skinned person, or anyone living in a dry climate. While I don't think this would cause any breakouts for oily skinned people, they may find themselves looking shiny throughout the day. While this helped with my lack of oil due to Accutane and Retin A, this did not help with my dehydrated skin (my skin lacks water, but is normally able to produce oil, so I tend to peel and flake, while also looking like an oil slick), and another serum or moisturizer containing humectants is needed (I personally find sheet masks to be the best at treating dehydrated skin). For those of us with combination, oily, and/or dehydrated skin, this cream is best used to seal all of our serums in so that the hydration won't escape our skin.

Not only is the Green Tea Seed Deep cream great for dryer skin, it's great for sensitive skin! I definitely attribute decreased sensitivity with this cream. Normally, I'm red and peeling from Retin A use, and on occasion other skincare will sting when I put it on – signs of a damaged moisture barrier. The Green Tea Seed Deep cream definitely seemed to help heal and strengthen my moisture barrier. I will either apply the Retin A after all my serums and a facial oil, and then apply the Green Tea Seed Deep cream after the it, or I'll mix a pea sized amount of the Retin A with a pea sized amount of the cream (I think this is the most gentle way of apply the Retin A). Voila,  little to no skin irritation or peeling, and super glowy skin! I can even use a salicylic acid spot treatment without any stinging or redness when I use the Retin A and cream in this way.

I have since run out of the cream this week (hence the bad swatches), and my skin had a minor freak out (which is awesome, because I also managed to burn my lip with the Retin A after I ran out of this cream, so now it's like freakout x two, so you know, I'm avoiding the camera).

As I've mentioned before, I'm a big fan of the many skincare and beauty brands owned by Amore Pacific, and Innisfree is no different. The products are well formulated, never seem to cause breakouts, and they work. Innisfree's skincare is a brand I would recommend for those in their early 20s or those who don't want to spend a lot on a product that will give them results.

Great at moisturizing
Does not have comedogenic or irritating ingredients
Reasonably priced

Does not help dehydrated skin
Need to buy it online (I bought mine during the Honestskin sale)

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