Monday, March 30, 2015

Tony Moly Bcdation All Master Review

The Tony Moly Bcdation All Master is an upgrade from the original Bcdation – a base product meant to be a BB cream, CC cream, and foundation in one. The All Master version has a higher shea butter content, meaning more moisture, and a dewier look as well as only coming in one colour meant to suit everyone.

This foundation is said to be "air light" while providing a perfect yet natural finish. Unfortunately, this only comes in one colour, and will not suit everyone despite claims. This works well for my skintone – almost a perfect match! For reference, I'm regularly a shade 21 in bb creams. 

Now, true to it's claims, this offers amazing coverage! I can easily cover acne scars and bright red pimples with this, with little to no need for extra concealer. I do believe the coverage will vary in how you choose to apply it – a brush or your fingers will give you the best coverage, where as a sponge offers a more natural, thinner finish. Personally, I find the Bcdation to be too thick when I use a brush or my fingers, and it yields an unnatural, almost plastic-y finish (think Lady Gaga looking like a Barbie in Pokerface). My preferred method is to use a sponge, or even better, a cushion compact. 

I use an empty cushion compact (in my case, the Innisfree Water Glow cushion after I used it up, but Missha sells an empty cushion compact case to use with whatever you want), take the sponge out, and fill it halfway with the Bcdation before putting the sponge back in. Voila – custom cushion pack! This provides the thinnest, sheerest coverage, and I go over any areas that need more coverage a second or third time.  While the Water Glow cushion made it seem like you just washed your face, this can quickly make you look like an oil slick if you use too much, so less is definitely more with this product. Using the cushion method for a thinner application means this only lasts about five hours on my skin, but the more I apply, the longer this lasts. When I used a brush, this foundation lasted the entire day!

My only caveat with this product is that it's supposed to be hydrating... yet it sticks to my dry patches like no other after about two hours. To be honest, my dry mouth is pretty flaky, so I wasn't expecting miracles, but still... it's impossible to fix once it happens. All I can say is moisturize and prep well before applying so you don't get a bad case of the flakes. For the record, I've only used one bb cream/foundation that didn't catch on my dry areas and result in flaking, and a good primer will be a lifesaver if you encounter similar issues.

Lastly, this works well on my combination-acne prone skin, so don't be afraid of the vast amount of shea butter in this! I never experienced any breakouts or clogged pores from this, so it's definitely on the buy again list as far as foundations go.

You can find it for a very reasonable price on Amazon or ebay.


  1. thanks for reviewing! it's great that it offers decent coverage :)

  2. Sounds like a great product. I have the same problem with dry patches throughout the day. xo, Amanda

  3. Love the sound of this product, now if I just get my skin in order....
    Thanks for the review! X

    Cara Delevinge inspired look over at-


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