Thursday, May 22, 2014

Review: Sulwhasoo Essential Balancing Emulsion

As you read last week, I've been in love with Sulwhasoo's Essential Balancing Line since I first started using them last fall. While a bit pricey (they are a luxury line in Korea), they're definitely worth every last penny in my opinion.

The Sulwhasoo Essential Balancing Emulsion came as a set with the Essential Balancing Water, a gift from a friend in Korea. If you're in Korea, I highly recommend buying skincare in sets as they are meant to work together, and often come cheaper than buying the two products on their own. Another tip would be to buy them from a duty free shop so that you're aren't charged tax.If you live in Canada, the only retail stores are located in Ontario, but as Korean skincare seems to be getting more and more popular, I'm sure we'll be seeing one here or at least in Vancouver soon. If you're Stateside, I believe the only retailer is Bergdorf Gorman (which also ships internationally for us Canadian).

The Sulwhasoo Balancing Emulsion is a light lotion meant to provide adequate hydration to the skin while absorbing quickly without any residue and a heavy feeling. Like the Balancing Water, this emulsion helps your skin to absorb more moisture from your regular cream. Skin without any moisture cannot absorb the rich texture of a cream, much like the dry earth cannot absorb water.

Like the water, the emulsion has the same light, floral scent. Nothing too herbal about it. You will need to shake this emulsion out of the bottle, making controlling the amount a little tricky. I like to give it one good slap into my palm, which gives me about a centimetre of product. I then quickly rub my palms together and pat the emulsion into my skin, similar to how I apply the water. I then lightly tap my face to make sure all the product has been absorbed.

The Balancing Emulsion contains Mountain Peony which softens the skin texture and Yai Jiu Hua to promote the circulation of blood in the skin. This helps to improve skin clarity. 

I adore this emulsion. After using it, my skin is usually adequately hydrated and feels bouncy and fresh. And this is coming from a girl who lives in a very dry climate and uses prescription retinoids. It's up to you whether or not you feel the need to add a cream afterwards or not. I prefer to, as my skin loses moisture quickly throughout the day, and a cream will help to seal the moisture from the emulsion in, and further prevent moisture moisture loss throughout the day. When I'm in a more humid climate, such as Vancouver, I only use this emulsion.

I've also noticed that since using it, my hyper-pigmentation (which was about two years old when I first started using it) has diminished drastically. Yes, I have a few stubborn marks left, but compared to a year ago, I've seen significant improvement, albeit gradual, with this line. I've also noticed that any pimples I do get leave smaller marks than before.

Hydrates the skin
Leaves my skin soft
Improved skin clarity
Leaves my skin "bouncy"

May need to be ordered online


  1. I've been paying attention to Korea's skincare products too! They are quite amazing. Thanks for linking up with #BeautyBuzz!!! See you next week :)


  2. They definitely are, and with comparable prices to our luxury brands as well!

  3. How many time do you use it a day ? I only use it at night, I mean both toner and emulsion. Is it enough to moisturizer my skin? Thank you for your nice sharing!

  4. I use this twice a day, after the toner (morning and night). I think once a day at night is enough to moisturize your skin if you have combination/oily skin, or are living in a more humid climate. I live in a really dry area though, so I prefer to use it twice a day. I would suggest using it twice a day for a few days, and seeing whether you prefer once a day or twice a day usage.


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