Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Sea Glass

I'm not the biggest fan of denim, but I'm getting there. Normally I would just wear this denim shirt with a mini skirt and tank top, but when I saw these light-washed jeans at Zara, I knew I'd be able to pull off the ultra-cool denim on denim style I never thought I'd be able to wear.

My favourite (and only, so far) Botkier bag in the colour "sea glass." What a lovely name for what I'd normally call "sea green," or "sea foam," or something not nearly as pretty sounding as "sea glass." Blues and blue-green colours are definitely my favourite. Shopping with my friends, and they immediately know what shades I'll gravitate towards.

I'm gathering a slow collection of Fossil jewelry. The bird necklace was a gift from a friend, and the cage was actually meant for a charm bracelet. I'm not the biggest fan of those though, so I just put it on a silver chain. I love that it actually opens though! I'm looking to buy a few more bracelets from them. 
And look, more minty green to match my bag!
Corresponding with the IFB Project #105, does anyone else have a specific colour they gravitate to?

Fossil Necklace
Fossil Charm
Chanel Earrings
Micheal Kors Watch
H&M Denim Shirt
PINK T-shirt
Botkier Lucy Bag
Zara Jeans (Similar here)
Nude Heels


  1. I absolutely love the purse and the whole outfit!

    1. Thank you! I've been obsessed with Botkier bags since I got this one.


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