Friday, July 19, 2013


Went a bit spend heavy shopping all the summer sales... And I still want more. Damn you online shopping and Zara and Aritzia. This is too much for my bank account to handle. Okay, not really. Normally, I wouldn't be buying so much at once, but a few things happened this summer, and I won't be able to go on the trip I originally planned. At least I'll still be going to Vancouver and Seattle come August. One day I swear I'll leave Calgary and live somewhere.... warmer? More fashionable? Hopefully without major heat waves. *cough, cough, New York*

I loved blue as a kid, and I'm coming to love it again. These sandals are the perfect shade, and match my house (my toenails match the car in my driveway). I'm too obsessed with cobalt at the moment.

Talula Tshirt and Asos Bracelet
 The leather bracelet with the watch attached is actually a necklace I wrapped around my wrist. It was a souvenir from my last trip to France, while I was in Versaille.

 My new favourite pair of jeans. Thank you Aritzia sale! Normally I'm not a denim wearing girl, but lately I've been getting into them, due to a lot of inspiration from Aimee Song and my foot injury, which left me with a very swollen foot to hide in boots, which I ended up pairing with jeans most of the time. These are a coated pair of denim from Rag & Bone with zippers on the side. I love how they're not even black! They're this super dark navy that's almost black, but not quite. Sorry it didn't show up in the photos.

Talula Tshirt and Asos Bracelet Urban Outfitters Neclace
 Super  see-through shirt. I haven't figured out what to wear underneath, as all my tank tops aren't cut low enough. A bralette perhaps?

Cobalt Zara Sandals and Rag & Bone Jeans

Top: Talula
Bottom: Rag & Bone (Similar here)
Accessories: Urban Outfitters necklace (Similar here), ASOS bracelet (Similar here)
Shoes: Zara

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