Saturday, July 20, 2013

Botkier Fall 2013

Botkier Valentina

Botkier is one of my favourite designer bag brands. They're chic, and they don't break my bank account. Balenciaga, I'm looking at you. 

I'm loving their new fall collection. Talk about taking my obsession with blue to the next level. Botkier has redone some of my favourite designs in this lovely colour "French Blue." I don't know if I'll be able to resist the VALENTINA mini. The fall collection also features new hardware in "gunmetal." Along with this bright blue, the new collection is full of rich, sumptuous colours perfect for the cooler weather. I still prefer my bags bright, although the LEGACY satchel may end up being my new perfect black fail-safe bag.

Botkier came into being in 2003, via designer Monica Botkier. She's amazing at bringing classic, minimalist designs to life with edgy lines and detailing. And you can't beat the quality for the price. By no means are they cheap, but Botkier bags are definitely affordable on my student budget.

Check out the rest of the collection here. (And seriously, isn't this blue absolutely gorgeous?!)

Botkier Valentina

Botkier Valentina

Botkier Key
KEY satchel

Botkier Legacy
LEGACY satchel

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