Thursday, July 25, 2013

An Asymmetrical Love

Here's another go-to outfit for me. I'm very big on skirts and a loose top for a simple, chic outfit. Add a few interesting accessories like these Jeffrey Campbell Litas and you're good to go where-ever. I'm currently on the lookout for a new hat. I think maybe a wine red, felt one. I'm really starting to love pairing them with everything I own, and yet I only have two. This needs to change, stat.

This necklace was my one and only purchase from Market Collective last weekend. I was volunteering with a friend for the Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative, in support of a new national park connecting Glacier National Park and the Flathead River Valley.
There were a ton of small businesses hat normally sell at farmers markets, festivals, and Etsy. I've been looking for a long necklace to layer and found this one by CoutuKitsch. Love it, and love supporting local artists.

I'm not actually a fan of the tank top I have on here, but it's the loosest I own at the moment. I'm headed to H&M tomorrow to pick up a looser one to pair with all my skirts. I love loose tops that manage to hang and tuck perfectly, and I don't have nearly enough.

These Jeffrey Campbell Litas were an impulse purchase from last year. One of the few times I spent a fair amount on a trend. They definitely don't work with a lot of my regular outfits, but I try to incorporate them every now and then. I think they add a bit of an edgy feel, and, even though I think they're a bit on the ugly side seeing them in real life, they do photograph beautifully.

Top:Gap (Similar here)
Bottom: Skirt from Korea (Similar here and here)
Accessories: CoutuKitsch Y NecklaceUrban Outfitters necklace, ASOS Bracelet, Hat from Hungary


  1. Love love this outfit!!! Amazing post!!! xoxo Taryn

  2. I recently was nominated for the Liebster Award by another fellow blogger livechicly. I have now nominated you for the Liebster Award! Go to my blog page to find out details of your nomination and what to do next!

    1. Oh wow! Thanks so much for the nomination. I'm definitely going to check it out! Thanks again. =]

  3. beautiful outfit!! nice and summery yay!! xxx

    1. Thanks a lot! It was just something simple that I can wear everyday without too much effort.


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