Saturday, July 2, 2016

Perfect Summer Makeup with Etude House's Summer Collection

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For this month's pink box, Etude House sent me some of the new summer releases – including a new long lasting cushion, their new lipstick formula and a few limited edition shades of the Play 101 pencils. There are two summer makeup trends in Korea right now – matte makeup, and "juicy" makeup using vibrant, fruit coloured shades. The pink box hit both these trends, as well as a more Western one – Kylie Jenner's infamous brown lips.

Lips Chiffon Talk

etude house, lipstick review, brown lipstick, kylie jenner lipstick

Let’s start with my favourite product from Etude House’s summer – the Lips Chiffon Talk. I received two colours BE109 and PK027. Etude House says the lipstick is meant to be matte, with the "comfort of chiffon”. They didn’t lie. The formula does start off with a bit of sheen, but quickly mattifies within five minutes or so. I found PK027 took a bit longer to mattify than BE109 (it was probably closer to 10 minutes). Neither one accentuated my dry lips (yay allergic reaction to the EOS lipbalm!) and the colour was long wearing – a full five hours without any noticeable fading despite my constant need to sip coffee. It did come off after a greasy lunch but that’s to be expected. It was super comfortable for four hours, and then I noticed my lips starting to feel dry. Nothing too bad though - I didn’t even really feel the need to apply lipbalm. If I wasn’t recovering from the dryness of contact dermitis, I’d guess it would have felt comfortable for even longer.

BE109 is a brown toned lipstick. Very Kylie Jenner and very trendy right now. Despite being a matte formula, I don’t find it to be too drying on the lips. I’d prefer this type of lipstick in the fall, as it’s a bit darker, but sheered out with a bit of lipbalm (I used Smith’s Rosebud Salve), it turns into a honey toned rose brown that’s a perfect neutral for the summer.

RD is a bright red toned pink lipstick — my favourite type of lip colour. It’s a bit cooler toned, so it doesn’t work on with my warm undertones as well as I would like. Like BE109 it sheers out beautifully with a bit of lipbalm underneath, making it much more wearable. This is also the perfect colour and formula for gradient lips as it’s so vibrant and long lasting.

etude house, lipstick review, brown lipstick, kylie jenner lipstick, play 101 pencils, summer collection, korean beauty, kbeauty, long wear cushion

Long Wear Cushion

I received this in the colour “natural beige” and immediately thought it would be too dark for my skin. While it initially looked that way after swatching it, I noticed it lightened a little bit after a few minutes (rather than oxidizing darker). Right now I’m between a 21 and 23, and this is a perfect match after a few minutes. It does have a bit of a pink undertone, so if you're super yellow like me, you may look slightly ashy. In all honesty though, it's still a better match than most other cushions I've tried. 

This cushion has a beautiful satin to matte finish and the coverage is amazing. It's a liquid to powder formulation, and blends easily. Even though the coverage is buildable, I wouldn't suggest it as it does start to look cakey after more than one layer. Wear time seems to depend a lot on how much I'm sweating. If it's super hot out, I sweat this off within a few hours. Indoors with a bit of air conditioning and this lasts all day. It does accentuate some fine lines in my forehead (those dehydration wrinkles T_T), as well as the dry areas around my cheeks around hour 4, so I wouldn't recommend this for dryer skin types or for a dry climate. You also might want to refrain from touching your face too much, as there is a bit of powdery transfer (not too much, especially compared to the any cushion).

Play 101 Pencils

As expected from the Play 101 range, these two eyeliners are amazing. I actually really love all the glitter formulas in this line. They glide on so smoothly and make the perfect wing. Shade 77 is no exception. It’s a beautiful gold bronze shade that works well as an all over colour, as an inner corner highlight, or even for a super subtle winged look. Shade 79 is a bright, sparkly coral that looks amazing as an all over lid colour. The two shades work well together, and last all day – no creasing, very minimal fading after 10 hours (79’s wear time is shorter than 77, and lasted closer to eight or nine hours on me).


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