Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Bare It All

Photos by Katherine Son
Hands up if you like dungarees (me! me! me!). Hands up if you don't like to look like you're teaching kindergarten in them (me! me! me!). I actually bought this dress for the possibility of attending London Fashion Week, as Brexit happened and suddenly the UK became a little bit cheaper. That, and a one way ticket from London to Calgary is currently less than $300 (yay West Jet!). 

Either way, this is the perfect dress for hot and humid Seoul. Monsoon season is upon us, and the humidity is something akin to 100% (I exaggerate, but you get my point). While Seoulites are still barely baring any skin, I'm one to welcome a bit of fashion tape in order to stay cool. Because yes, I currently own a lot of dresses that need to be taped on in order to not have a bit of an accident à la the Super Bowl. I do wear this with a t-shirt most days, as is the trend in Korea. Anything slightly revealing is worn over a tee. Crop top? Worn over a t-shirt. Spaghetti strapped tank top? Worn over a tee. Slip dress? Worn over a tee (okay, that's the trend everywhere right now, not just Korea). I'm currently looking for the perfect pair of white sneakers to really get that Korean street look down with this dress.

Dress: Asos
Hair pin: Olive Young (similar here)


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