Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Seoul Fashion Week S/S 2017 - Ti:baeg

Can a dress be anymore perfect? 
Ti:baeg impressed at Seoul Fashion Week with it's feminine style, inspired streetwear, and traditional inspirations. I might need to make a trip to Doota for their upcoming spring collection - because this dress is the definition of perfection.

Feminine details were exemplified in ti:baeg's Spring/Summer collection at Seoul Fashion Week. Embroidered roses and soft water color prints could be found amidst dainty pleats and ruffles, giving body and a certain graphic element and silhouette that will always remind me of Korean street fashion.

The contemporary collection combined past and present with full skirts on strapless dresses reminiscent of traditional hanbok, while designer Eunae Cho, also included sequinned hoodies - a great reminder of the unique street fashion Seoul is known for. Cropped hoodies were paired with flowing, feminine trousers, and bombers with graphic prints were detailed with finely pleated cuffs and ribbons.

Seriously though, how cool would those boxy sequinned hoodies look with some iconic glitter Saint Laurent boots?

look at the flower
Ti:baeg is a witty brand - it's pronounced how you think it would be - "teabag." Just as a teabag infuses hot water with it's rich falvor, ti:baeg will release it's delicate details and colors within you.

They also included tea in their goodie bags. ;)

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