Monday, September 15, 2014

A Little Bit of San Francisco

San Francisco photo diary, celine trapeze
Photo taken by Stephanie Ling
Just a bit of my trip from San Francisco. 

As you can see, I spent some major money on this trip, as I finally found the Celine trapeze in Indigo. I had gone to Holt Renfrew a few days before, only to be told they no longer carry the trapeze models, so I decided to hunt one down while in the States. The indigo is versatile, and the shape is modern, but still classic. You can also fold the wings in for a completely different look! I promised myself I'd buy this bag for my graduation, and while I'm still having a heart attack over the price (seriously, I don't even spend this much on month long trips to Europe, even with the flight and accommodations accounted for), but I definitely don't regret buying the bag. The colour is always sold out in the size I want, so I figured that even if I waited another year, I'd probably never find it again (Nordstrom will order it for you, but I don't have a Nordstrom handy). And now, no more spending until Christmas. Or until I find another job.

San Francisco photo diary, celine trapeze
Photo taken by Stephanie Ling
We found this beautiful wall walking around Beach Street, so I asked my friend to do me a favour and take a few snap shots. 

San Franscisco, sea lions, fishermans wharf
The sea lions are the only reason I go to Fisherman's Wharf given the crowds. You can find some of the best chowder in the area though. If you want to beat the crowds, I suggest going before 11:00 am.

San Franscisco, fishermans whard, sea lions

San Franscisco, union square
Union Square

San Franscisco, Ghirardelli Square
I love chocolate, so I made sure to stop by Ghirardelli Square.

San Franscisco, golden gate bridge
The Golden Gate Bridge is an obvious must see while you're in San Francisco. We didn't walk all the way to it, just to a nearby pier.

San Franscisco
I love the architecture in San Francisco. It's the reason this it's my favourite city in the States, and one of the reasons why I wouldn't mind moving there one day. The older buildings are just gorgeous!

San Franscisco, st peter and paul church
St. Peter and Paul Church

San Francisco, lombard st
Photo taken by Josephine Ling

San Francisco, telegraph hill

San Francisco, crookedest street
The crookedest street.

San Francisco photo diary, celine trapeze
Photo taken by Josephine Ling


  1. Aw I grew up in SF so all of these pictures bring back so many memories for me! Thats my dream bag, it's so gorgeous and that color is perfect!

  2. Love that bag! Great photos!

  3. Beautiful photos - you had great weather in the city! How wonderful to also find a bag you've been searching for--buying it on a trip makes it even more memorable. =)

    I hope you have a great week!


  4. Gorgeous photos, love the bag. What a great city :)) xx


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