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Pure Heals Propolis 90 Ampule Review

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Pure Heals Propolis 90 Serum is one of those Korean skincare products you don't really hear about. Which is unfortunate because this is AMAZING.

I first saw this on Sunnydahye's YouTube Channel and she was saying that this product really helped to moisturize her skin, as well as to lighten old acne marks. Now, as a long time acne sufferer, any time someone says something lightens the marks, I'm initially skeptical, but I also get this intense need to try the product out. I guess desperation does that to you? Either way, I bit the bullet as I was in need of a new serum and cream anyways, and headed off to ibuybeauti.com to purchase this along with the matching cream.

I've used this for about three months, and I honestly wasn't expecting much. I was beginning to breakout terribly due to some wayward birth control, and while the pimples themselves were shallow, the surrounding inflammation was horrific. I'd have a tiny little pimple, but the surrounding area was bright red and would extend a lot farther than the regular zits I usually got. In other words, five tiny pimples meant one side of my face was bright red and angry looking. Now, I've dealt with some serious acne before, and in my research and experience, that kind of inflammation will definitely lead to post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Not only that, but I'm pale, so I retain redness longer, and I'm half Asian, which means along with the residual redness, I'm prone to darker marks that could take months to heal (darker skin tones tend to be more prone to the brown, red and purple marks left after a wound). 

So, I was using this serum as my main moisturizer (I don't like to apply too many products when I get an angry breakout) as studies have shown that propolis may be beneficial in killing the acne-causing bacteria. Anyways, no dice for me. This has done nothing to prevent my angry hormonal breakouts. 

But that's not why I bought it either. I bought it to heal my left over hyperpigmentation. As well as the new stuff that I knew would come to form. Now, propolis is essentially bee glue – they use it to fill in any small gaps in their hives. It's anti-microbial (hence why some say it's beneficial in preventing acne), anti-inflammatory, and full of antioxidants, all of which means it's an awesome ingredient to see in your skincare products. It's also those antioxidant and anti-inflammatory products that make is so good at reducing the leftover acne marks. 

Pure Heals, ibuybeauti, propolis, propolis 90 ampule, serum, skincare, korean skincare, beauty, korean beauty

The serum is pretty light and thin, and smells a bit floral. It absorbs into my dehydrated skin easily without leaving it sticky. Feel free to layer it with other serums as well, I haven't found any pilling when using either vitamin c or other hydrating serums.

This ampule has actually healed my skin so well after my breakouts, I don't even need to wear foundation on a regular basis anymore. This faded my old acne marks, and healed the new ones within a week-and-a -half. I was amazed at how fast my skin healed after using this on a regular basis. Before, whenever I got the tiniest pimple, I'd be stuck with a red mark that would last anywhere from three weeks to a couple of months. I even had some that lasted for years! The other amazing thing is that I wasn't using my Retin-A when I first began testing this product. Once I added the Retin-A back in, oh boy. Marks gone within a week after the pimple disappeared. 

This is a holy grail product for me. And if ibuybeauti ever stops selling it, I'm going to move to Korea as I haven't seen it for sale anywhere else.

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  1. Glad to hear you got good results out of it!
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    Liz @ ShoppingMyCloset.com
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  2. Looks like a great product :) x

  3. I will have to try this out for myself! I have really dry skin so I think this sounds fabulous and I like that you can layer it too!


  4. ooooo, I get bad hormonal breakouts and it wouldn't hurt to give this a try too, gall!

    Joua, www.jouatotherescue


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