Thursday, June 26, 2014

Innisfree Water Glow Cushion Review

Cushions are all the rage in makeup in Korea right now, and making there way here through lines such as Dr. Jart and Laneige, which are sold at Sephora and Target.

I've been dying to try one of these, but as I wasn't a fan of Dr. Jart's silver label bb cream when I first used it three years ago, I decided to look online for the ideal cushion. (You can only find Laneige at Target in the States, but here's hoping they make it to Canada sooner rather than later). After watching a video from hit Korean makeup blogger Pony (she does a beauty tutorial series for InSite TV), I decided the Innisfree Water Glow cushion was for me.

Spf 50+++ means I get the highest UVA and UVB protection, while my makeup will actually help to moisturize my skin – a must if you live in a dryer climate like Calgary. The formula is meant to give skin a healthy, luminous, dewy glow, and claims that it also helps to soothe dull, tired, and dryer skin. While my skin isn't dry thanks to all the rain we've been getting, it still like to supply it with a lot of water-based moisture to keep everything in tip-top shape. Can't beat that well-rested look.

In both the water glow and long lasting cushions (I need to try the long lasting one next for oily days!), Innisfree uses mineral pigments for natural coverage and Jeju green tea to supply moisture.

I picked the cushion up in the colour 13 light beige off Ebay for about $25 Canadian (Amazon also has it for a reasonable price). The colour is a tad too pink-toned for my skin tone, but nothing a hint of blush and bronzer can't fix. If I pick this up again, I'll choose number 21, which should have more yellow tones while still being fairly light.

This cushion lasts all day for me, although the initial dewiness and glow does fade after four hours or so. It provides sheer to medium coverage if you build it up, but if you have any active acne or fresh hyper-pigmentation, you'll need to use a separate concealer. If my skin is abnormally flaky, it does have a tendency to cling, but it's nothing a swipe of your fingers won't fix. My favourite part is that this doesn't transfer onto clothes, or wipe away on my fingers, an issue I've had with bb creams and foundations in the past. All in all, this was a good first experience with the cushion makeup trend.

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