Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Mori Girl

Vianni, japanese fashion, mori girl

Hello everyone! Happy Wednesday. I'm still posting some older photos I took a few days before our giant snow storm. Mother Nature is cruel and I can no longer get away with bare legs. However, on the slightly warmer days (after last week, -15°C now feels like summer), I can get away with this dress and thigh high socks.

It was my first shopping experience in Sapporo, and when I saw this dress, I knew I had to test out my new credit card. It's so unique with the mix of similar prints (the front is a larger checked print than what was used in the back) and layered hem. I absolutely adore this dress and I can never wear it enough.

This dress is probably my favourite purchase from my stay in Japan back in 2009. I wear it at least once a month, and it transitions between seasons beautifully. Plus it makes me feel like a forest elf. The Japanese call that particular style mori-gyaru, which directly translates to forest girl. Mori-gyaru is a specific subculture and street fashion that gained popularity in Japan in 2007.

The mori girl is said to love the smaller things in life, appreciating the little things among the daily hustle and bustle. Typically, the style is to dress in long, flowing skirts and dresses, earthy colours, and quaint accessories, while hair and makeup is kept very natural.

This particular fashion style was a great influence on my personal style when I was first starting university and really experimenting with what I liked fashion-wise. Since then, my style has greatly changed (I went from idealizing mori girls, to dressing super girly, and now I'm finding a mix between girly, French-chic and Californian-cool (or so I hope)).

Vianni, japanese fashion, mori girl

Top: From Japan (similar here and here)
Dress: From Japan
Shoes: Roberto Vianni (old) (similar here and here)

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