Sunday, March 24, 2013


Fashion Gone Rogue

I might have a slight obsession with colour. I swear this happens every year, around the same time - a few weeks after Fashion Week. I know emerald green is the chosen Pantone colour, but this year I think blue is in.

I don’t pull colbot off very well, as I think it overpowers me and is too cool for my yellow undertones, but I love it anyways. I need something in this colour, and this Celine bag is absolutely perfect! I’m slowly discovering a penchant for expensive bags… very expensive bags. I’m going to have to start budgeting a little bit better I think. Spend money on bags; go a little bit cheaper with clothes except for the basics? And then to afford all the travel I want to do… and my habit of liking the latest and greatest technology? I need a better job, but what’s a poor student to do?

Celine Bag
Celine Bag

Santorini Greece
PhotoCredit: Bcbounders

Photo Credit: Fineart America
Photo Credit: Fineart America

Photo Credit: VogueJason Wu
Photo Credit: Vogue
Jason Wu

Photo Credit: MinOutfit
Photo Credit: MinOutfit


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