Monday, December 9, 2013

School Uniform

Rag & Bone, Aritzia, Talula, Danier, Pashli, Michael Kors

Hello again and happy Monday. Sorry for the super long hiatus this time.
Today is officially the last day of class, which means I'll actually have time to blog again! Thank god, because it's addicting and I missed it. 

I'm lucky in that I've continued to take photos for the blog, despite the mass amount of school work I unexpectedly had. Seriously, I thought it would all be done two weeks ago, but no, it just kept on coming. One more semester plus an internship and then I'll be done!

When school gets busy enough (and when I get tired enough) I end up in a uniform —black leggings or jeans (depending on how much I've eaten the day before) and a long sweater. Basically, on my super lazy and bloated days, I'll pair an oversized sweater or tunic with black leggings. If I'm not bloated I through on my ultra-skinny Rag & Bone coated jeans.

Rag & Bone, Aritzia, Talula, Danier, Pashli, Michael Kors
This bag is a new staple of mine, thanks to the expandable zippers. At first I didn't think it would fit everything for school since I had been taking my laptop more often than not as the semester was winding down, but it did. Laptop, iPad, notebooks, it fit it all, and the handles didn't feel like they were struggling with the extra weight either! 

Rag & Bone, Aritzia, Talula, Danier, Pashli, Michael Kors
I love this long sweater from Aritzia. It's a super cozy cashmere blend that keeps me warm when my classrooms are freezing. I swear they turn the heat off once winter sets in! This top tends to slide up, so I prefer to wear it with jeans rather than leggings, or else it doesn't look classy at all. 

I also try to wear heels when I'm in leggings, just to dress them up a bit. Then again, I just try to wear heels a lot.

Top: Talula (old) (similar here and here)
Bottoms: Rag & Bone (old) (similar here)
Shoes: Spring (similar here)
Bag: Danier (similar here)
Accessories: Michael Kors watch (old) (similar here)

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