Monday, April 24, 2017

#SmileFearlessly - Trying Smile Brilliant's Whitening System

Oh the bane of loving coffee (and tea… and chocolate… and even a new affinity for red wine)… and having teeth prone to staining. A good buffering from my hygienist and unsightly coffee stains are no more, but what’s a girl to do when she only wants to pay for that once a year?

I’ve tried whitening strips with good results on my top teeth, but nada on the bottom – the strip just falls off after a few minutes (what can I say, I guess I drool a lot). Cue my excitement when Smile Brilliant contacted me to do a review on their custom made trays and whitening system.

The system is really easy to use. There are three sets of moulding putty, so even if you make a mistake, there’s enough for a second go. Mix the putty and catalyst together well, roll it in between your palms and stretch it out to fit the mould. Then bite and hold everything in place for a few minutes until the mould sets. You’ll need to ship them back to Smile Brilliant so they can cast the moulds, and give you a perfect tray.

To whiten, I suggest starting off using the trays for 30-45 minutes at first. I have really sensitive teeth, so I can’t go much longer than an hour. Then I quickly brush my teeth and apply the de-sensitizing gel for 15 minutes. I do this once a week (any more often and my sensitivity will increase for a few days).  I can definitely say it works to remove stains, but won’t prevent them.

The whitening gel itself will open make the enamel more porous (any whitening process will do this), which means no staining foods for at least 24 hours after whitening. I didn’t listen and ended up with new stains where I’m prone to them normally. My dentist friend (because I have him on speed dial to work after hours at my beck and call) recommends waiting up to two weeks before taking part in your daily morning coffee ritual after you whiten, and using fluoride to help seal the enamel after whitening to prevent future staining.

Whitening is a process, and definitely not a fast one at that if you have sensitive teeth. But the results are worth it, especially if you’re prone to stains. I’m happy to say that after two whitening sessions, my new stains were gone. While my smile doesn’t shine bright like a diamond, I’m pretty happy there are no more unsightly marks.
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