Saturday, October 8, 2016


All photos by Stephanie Ling
Three weeks of travelling the world and another two of travelling around my own city to visit friends and family, and I'm finally back to blogging. Happy Thanksgiving by the way! My family decided to visit my grandparents and aunts in Winnipeg... where you can order an entire roast pig for dinner. Needless to say we did. And we'll be eating leftovers for the next couple of months. Such is Thanksgiving, right? I don't know what's more interesting – roast pork or a week spent in London and Paris?

So London was amazing... -ly cold. When I packed my bags in Korea, Europe was having a heatwave... Vietnam was having a heatwave... Korea was having a heatwave. So I packed two pairs of pants (because my menopausal mom is the only one who doesn't always freeze on long haul flights), and a lot of skirts, dresses, and my favourite off the shoulder blouses. And two days before I left Korea, winter decided it was going to come. And I froze. And had to buy a sweater. The European heatwave died the day I arrived in Paris, and I froze, despite said new sweater. I'm actually really surprised I didn't end up with more than a sore throat upon arriving back home... because it's freezing here! Where is the beautiful fall weather I remember?! Winter is coming, and probably earlier than I'd like.

Either way, I forwent the sweaters in London while my friend and I grabbed afternoon tea and wandered around Soho and Covent Garden. I opted for this heavy knit halter and widelegged pants, which were surprisingly warm while walking around. And the colours are pretty visible when you haven't seen each other in a year, are in the crowd of people snapping the palace guards, and have no way to communicate once you leave your hostels. All the carbs from tea may have also helped keep me warm. The resulting sweaty mess I become is my excuse for eating more, because obviously you sweat when you work out and are burning calories, therefore, by eating carbs and sweating, eating carbs must burn calories. Does anyone else get carb sweats instead of meat sweats? Oh, and in case anyone is wondering, Chloe is definitely cheaper in Paris than Canada, hence the new arm candy.

Purse: Chloe

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