Friday, April 11, 2014

Happy Finals

Hello everyone and happy Friday!

Yesterday was my last day of classes for the year (and hopefully forever) so now all I have are finals. Luckily I only have two.

When I study I definitely choose comfort over... heels. Yea, I don't wear heels during my finals. I wore my Jeffrey Campbell litas to a final once, and fell down a flight of stairs (thank god my crush hadn't finished yet!). My hair also goes up in a bun with my bangs pinned back. I get really distracted and twirl and pull on it too much otherwise.

I think study wear should be simple – jeans or a nice pair of tights (I love my leather ones if you couldn't tell) and a t-shirt will do. I prefer to wear necklaces rather than bracelets to accessorize – bracelets get in the way and feel funny when I'm writing or typing. And flats so I don't fall down from the relief of finishing!

Good luck to my fellow students and study hard!


  1. I always thought bracelets got in the way, too! Haha I hated the noise they make if they hit the keyboard or something. Good luck!

    1. I know! The clattering of bracelet against laptop in the library – deafening!
      Thank you!

  2. love that hair bun!! :D good luck with your exams!

    Animated Confessions

    1. Thanks a ton! The hair bun is so much harder to do with my short hair now. Lots of bobby pins!


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