Monday, August 19, 2013

France at Global Fest 2013

 Hello summer! I swear it's just the sun making me this pale. Globalfest has finally started and I headed down today to see France's show. It's the first time France has competed in the fireworks competition, and they did wonderfully! Check out below to see a few of the fireworks, the different cultural pavilions, and my outfit.

 Supposedly long earrings will make your face appear longer.... Mine is still amazingly round.

 A sweater is definitely needed if you're heading for fireworks. It can get pretty chilly by the time they start (but then again, I'm always cold anyways). Truthfully, I should have worn a different top and then layered the sweater over it, as I was sweating on the walk over to the park, 12 blocks away.

 I'm so sad, I lost my midi ring sometime when I was packing my folding chairs away once the fireworks were done! I felt it fall off, but I couldn't find it anywhere on the ground. =(

 Globalfest is not only a fireworks festival, but also a place to learn about different cultures. They had Middle Eastern, Spanish and South American dancers on Sunday at the different pavilions. The colours on this dress are gorgeous. Perfect for summer.

Some belly dancers to represent the Middle East.

 From South America. Look at the gorgeous details on these outfits!

 France's show was amazing. How spectacular is this cascading fall of fireworks.

 These ones reminded me of baby's breath flowers, although I don't know if that's on purpose or not. They were shown during a really pretty, delicate song.

Mocha Chocalata ya ya, Creole lady Marmalade. The fireworks are always set to music, and I loved France's selection. Two of the songs were from Moulin Rouge, one of my favourite musicals/movies, while the rest were a few nice pop songs and pretty instrumentals. I need to find the playlist somewhere.

H&M sweater
Suzy Shier Shorts
Franco Sarto shoes
Material Girl earrings
Michael Kors watch (old) (similar here)
Urban Outfitters midi ring

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