Friday, August 2, 2013

August Wishings

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It's nearly that time of year... school is about to start in a month. I wasn't pleased that I spent my entire summer in Calgary either. I haven't for a solid three years. Oh well, at least I'll be able to visit Vancouver and Seattle right before heading to school.
So here's a list of things needed to prepare me sartorially for what will hopefully be an easy semester. Anything else I should pick up while I'm travelling?

Philip Lim Pashli

I could have added another two purses to the list, but I held back and just chose my favourites here. As you all probably know, I'm still obsessed with blue.
If Barney's has this while I'm in Seattle, I don't think I'll be able to resist picking it up. Otherwise, I couldn't really be bothered to order it online since I'm so picky with my blue hues, and I might be disappointed.
Botkier Honore

 I've also had an off and on love affair with purple hues! And a constant love for the Botkier Honore crossbody. I just love the shape so much (it comes in a blue, but... I didn't like it when I think the shape is a bit of a statement already).
Cheap Monday Sunglasses

I'm aiming to focus on broadening my wardrobe with a few more basics, and a lot more statement pieces! I'm in love with cat eyed sunglasses, and these Cheap Monday ones are awesome. 

This is a simple necklace (that's constantly sold out!), but I usually prefer simple jewelry so that I can layer them a bit more.

Nasty Gal Hat

Finally, after a Dior collection a few years back, felt hats scream fall to me. Not only that, but they turn a simple outfit into something much more put together (and they go with a lot of what I already wear). Power of accessorizing well, I guess.
What do you guys need for the next month going into the school year?

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