Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A Little Bit of Lace

Happy Birthday to me! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend. I know I did, as I went to the Calgary Comic Expo for a few days. I don't normally go, but Matt Smith and Karen Gillian were doing a panel, and we all know I'm a big fan of Doctor Who.

Karen Gillian and Matt Smith everyone (and the host, but we don't care about him now do we?)! They were really good panelists, constantly playing off each other. It's cute how Matt teases Karen all the time. He also danced around the stage pretending to have a sonic screwdriver. They were really fun people to watch and hear from.

The background was a screen... and it created the weirdest effect on the edges of whatever was in front of it. The poor people and chairs look like the edges were pixelated.

I adore this lace top from For Love & Lemons. It was perfect for the expo since it can get really hot due to the crowds (or if you just happen to be starstruck). The mesh means I can breath (and not get too sweaty) and let the air flow through to cool me off, or if it starts to get chilly, I can throw my leather jacket over top. To be honest, I was wearing it draped around my shoulders for the sake of convenience (but the air still flows!).
This lace top is incredibly versatile, despite being see-through (no one would care in New York City, it's not my fault I live in conservative cowtown!). I paired it with leather leggings to go to our after-grad party at the Drum & Monkey (one of the best bars with a dance floor here in Calgary). And of course I paired it with jeans for a casual day browsing the vendors at the comic expo.

Wearing a bralette is my favourite way to wear this particular shirt. I think the cropped length covers just enough skin, and suits the length of the shirt perfectly. I dunno, I just like the proportion of this bralette with this shirt more so than a regular bra I suppose. As always, I wear black, since it's the classiest if you're going to be showing it off. No one wants to see your leopard print bra under your shirt ladies. 

My favourite part of these Genetic jeans are the threading along the hips. Normally I'm not a fan of it, as they tend to make my hips look wider in my opinion, but for some reason, I didn't find that with this pair. I think instead, it makes my thighs look... rounder (light on the centre, and darker on the sides of the jeans) which in turn makes them look thinner. And I am all for having thinner looking hips.

Bottom: Genetic Denim
Shoes: Enzo Angiolini (old) (similar here)
Accessories: Juicy Couture (old) (similar here), Marc Jacobs (old) (similar here), Love Culture (similar here)

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  1. This is so pretty, love the lace!

    blue hue wonderland

  2. Ooh I love your lace top! I will have to check out the store you linked :)

    Kayla @ Style Vancity

  3. Very lovely lace top~!!! You look adorable!!
    Happy B-day~:)
    xo, Jane

  4. I love your lace top, that would be perfect for any warm or crowded place to go because of the mesh. Belated happy birthday to you, Arielle! :)


  5. aw, happy belated bday! this top is gorgeous. i love all of the detail in the lace. also loving the little pop of purple on your heels!


    1. Thank you! The lace is gorgeous, so glad I found this before it sold out!

  6. I really love everything about this! The lace top and pop of color shoes are great complements to each other! Carylee | morepiecesofme.com

  7. Great look! I'm in love with this top

    1. Thank you! Most of my ideas for this top require me to buy new clothes.


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