Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Lusting for... Vietnam

Photo from Lonely Planet
Hello from Incheon Airport! I'm not near any of these beaches yet (I'll be in Hoi An and headed to the pictured Cuo Dai Beach in four days). I've been super excited for this trip, and have been planning outfits since... winter? I love beach weather and dressing for summer, and have been lusting after a ton. Unfortunately, my wallet doesn't always like this lust, nor does Korea Post. I thought about doing an order of some of these tops and beachy dresses, but was too worried they might not make it to Korea in time for me to leave. Better safe than sorry when it comes to clothes you like, so I'll be sending a few of these home for my next vacation!

1. Bell Sleeved Cold Shoulder Shirt
2. Backless Tassel Dress
3. Embroidered Blouse
4. Off the Shoulder Blouse
5. Off the Shoulder Dress

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