Monday, October 14, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope all of you Canadian readers enjoy the long weekend.

I thought I'd do a little post of all the things I'm thankful, considering the holiday.
1. My family - They get to share the majority of my experiences, oddly enough, don't make fun of me for constantly taking photos of myself! 
2. Education - I am so thankful that I'm able to attend university and get a degree. Thank you to my parents who have helped this happen, and encouraged and supported me. Thank you to my friends, who have had my back and helped me an uncountable number of times.
3. Friends - Shout out to my girls, jcrew, the U of C peeps, and the few of you I can't put into one of those categories. I love how supportive you all are, and how you deal with me constantly telling odd, slightly dramatic (although I hope they're humorous) stories about my life.
4. Readers - Thank you to all of you who have checked out this blog at one point in time, and supported me through your comments and emails.
5. Canada - For having a decently run government most of the time, for our healthcare and insurance policies, for the nature surrounding me, and for our vast amount of culture and diversity.

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