Friday, December 21, 2012

Holiday Style

Holiday Style

I'm such a girly-girl, especially when it comes to the holidays. Who could resist a tulle skirt and sparkling sweater? My friends thought I was crazy while Christmas shopping the other day as I went around ooh-ing and ah-ing at anything that glittered. It's a bit of an obsession this holiday.

My other obsession would be hard clutches, I'm pretty sure I clutched at everyone I saw. Alexander McQueen has quite a few nice ones, especially the one I featured here. I love how it's so girly with the lace and ruffles, and then a skull to juxtapose all that with a bit of edge. It is perfection and I want (possibly need) it.

While I usually dress in skirts and light colours, I've been inspired to go a little edgier (thank you McQueen), and I have the perfect outfit I think. Maybe I'll post pictures this time.


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